Data driven decision making

Manage site operations and resources with fast, responsive analytics. Our multisite functionality enables seamless connectivity to view and monitor key performance indicators across all sites showing the data as per site or as a whole study.

Recruitment Data

Real time recruitment metrics are crucial in understanding how a study or a site is performing. Our analytics dashboard pulls data from planning and recruitment modules providing instant accrual statistics. Data can be filtered to gather live information from active volunteers through to screen fail rates and withdrawals. Recruitment tracking information can be shared directly through our software as well as in exportable formats to relevant stakeholders, CROs and sponsors.

Finance Data

Using the visit cost set-up function managers can have oversight over the income being generated per trial. Each time a visit is organised the data is captured and viewable in the analytics section. Costs can be split if a participant has screen failed, randomised or if withdrawn from a study.

Personalised Analytics

We understand data needs may differ for a particular organisation. Through the connectivity and integration of our modules we are able to customise KPIs for our customers. Make the data work for you.