Study and user managment

At the heart of the AQ platform is the study manager. An easy to use solution to add studies, and manage users, and their study roles.

Key benefits of AQ
Study Management

  • Automate protocol schedules and visit windows and avoid deviations

  • Manage users and job role profiles and access rights

  • Customisable options to set up your unit/study and appointment slots

  • Customise communication for participants through SMS, Email and the AQ APP

  • Ability to manage and support multisite studies

Automate protocol schedules in minutes

Building study visit schedules are often complex and time consuming. In AQ study manager create and design your study schedules and windows, right from screening to last visit in minutes.

Connect operational teams to deliver studies more efficiently.

Clinical trial schedules merge with an interactive calendar making appointments easy to manage. The ability to add in visit windows and integration with our E-Planner module alerts the user to potential deviations when booking visits.


Custom communications with study participannts

Take control of how you communicate with your participants. Customise your communications to your study and visits through SMS/Email or the AscensionQ APP.

Manage your appointment reminders and set up a participants payment schedule.

Manage Studies At Multiple Locations

The AscensionQ platform is not only designed to support single centres but can be utilised to support recruitment and planning at other locations. We understand that patients are more likely to participate if investigator sites were nearer or being conducted by people they know. The ability for chief investigator sites to run studies at satellite locations ,whether that be in primary care or health centres has shown to benefit research participation for sites and patients.