Secure Sharing: AscensionQ Platform

Company may collect certain information as provided by the licensee on the application and may anonymously use such data without disclosing any identifiable information of any members of the AscensionQ Platform. Our company culture respects the values of secure sharing and our End User License Agreement for use of the AscensionQ Platform is provided to the users in order to understand the terms and conditions of use of the Application by the members and how the data will be used by the Company.

How We Protect The Licensee

  • The identity is private
  • Personally Identifiable Information is not visible to others.
  • We are Secure
  • Our website is secure by Industry Level Security and encryption
  • Personally Identifiable data is encrypted during transit and at rest.
  • Tips for Sharing While Staying Secure

Here are some tips about how to stay private and share securely:

  •  Always keep your password private.
  •  Don’t leave an active AscensionQ Platform session unattended despite the session timing out due to unuse. Lock your   device if you have to move away.
  • Our End User License, Privacy Principles, Privacy Constitution & Member Bill of Rights

AscensionQ’s Platform Governing Privacy Principles

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Our Privacy Policy and End User License are straightforward and easy to understand. It contains answers to common questions about how our service works and how information provided to us is used and protected.

We are safe and secure

We will keep your personal information that is provided to us safe and secure. Our data security practices always meet or exceed industry standards. We use technology, policies, and conduct, together with a privacy-centered company culture, to ensure that the data is safe.

Your Identity is Not For Sale

We won’t sell any personally identifiable information.


Your Rights:

The Licensee controls the privacy.

Our experience is designed to keep your information anonymous and secure. The Licensee can add, remove, or update the personal and health information in the participants profile at any time.

The Licensee is entitled to know how we use the information provided to us. The Licensee has the right to know what Personally Identifiable Information is collected and how it is used. The use of the information provided by the care home shall at all times be anonymous and our Privacy Policy and End User License discloses this information.


Confidential and Proprietary. Copyright (c) by AscensionQ Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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